Vui Xuân Tân Sửu miền Đông Bắc Hoa Kỳ | Tuyen Tran


Celebration of Vietnamese New Year, 2021
Year of the buffalo in the Eastern-North of The USA.

Dear friends, it is just a share of life between two continents: Warm and cold ones so that you may understand that not any place in the world is perfect or like in paradise. No! we live on the earth with many struggles around in everywhere. These are my sharings:

Invitation card of Vietnamese New Year celebration in the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, USA.: After Sunday Mass Feb. 14, 2021 every parishioner receives a box of Vietnamese food of  2 egg rolls, one fried chicken and one clementine (trái quít) and one Red envelope (Also called lucky money) with 2 USD inside.

102 boxes of  Vietnamese Food with 2 egg rolls, fried chicken, manderine and a red envelope

Vietnamese food is very delicious

Egg Rolls are my famous food

102 boxes of food and Red envelopes have been distributed freely

One extra box for my son at home.

All parishioners are so happy to have it and some of them ask for some extra boxes for people at home.

Picture of two Terrible Winter storms happened
in the central and Eastern – North of the USA.

December 22 and 23, 2020 – February 8, 9,10, 2021

You are invited to have a look at some pictures and you would realize to know how cold it is and how hard to travel and to live in this area in winter time. If snow fall just a day, your car will be covered by snow like you buried the car into the snow.

Winter storm before Christmas 2020 with 40 inches of snow (9 tấc)

Divine Mercy Statue with crown of snow

Sidewalk in front of the Church
The shadow is me – I was removing snow.

My Secretary’s car parks in front of my office from 9:00AM to 4:00PM

The weather is very cold but I feel warm because I have Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd. He cares for us, bringing us to the green pasture, the living water and the rest.

Tuyen Tran